Copper Roofing

Roofing, roof plumbing and cladding made of copper have risen in popularity in recent years, becoming widely used in contemporary architectural designs. The attractive organic aging nature is just one of the reasons for this surge in use by architects. The other reason is the longevity of its lifespan.

The material is also flexible in use, as evidenced in heritage sites (it is often combined with slate or lead, due in no small part to its similar lifespan and the materials’ complementary aesthetic properties). As an added advantage copper is non-corrosive, meaning it is especially popular in contemporary design where a patina effect is sought without any nasty side effects (such as rust, which may occur with other metal products).

Working with any product of this type demands expertise and experience. Problems such as thermal movement affecting joins can be overcome if you use an expert installer like MLR. We employ specialist tradesmen who are well versed in the materials used, its optimal methods of installation and its safe handling when combined with other materials. When installed correctly your copper roofing can last a lifetime.

Choosing a solution from us means you are assured of our extensive experience in the supply and installation of roofs, gutters and rainwater management systems. We are experts in installing roofing solutions for Australian heritage and contemporary buildings in Sydney and state-wide across New South Wales.

We can also offer our expert advice, project management services and quotes for any installation or repairs, be it a heritage listed property, a 1970’s classic home or a modern residential house.


  • Gutter profiles used – Half Round, traditional OG, Nw & Old Style Quad
  • Downpipes used- 100mm & 90mm round, 100x75mm & 100x50mm
  • Complete Roofing & Cladding
  • Box gutters & valleys, flashing & Sumps
  • Standing seam systems, Standing Seam single lock, Double Lock Standing Seams All sizes, styles & dimensions available
  • Heritage Rainwater Head – all styles & shapes available

Copper Roofing & Cladding by Sydney Specialists

Copper Cladding Sydney

Our range of services & solutions ensures that you have access to the type of expertise that you need. We also have an enviable reputation that proves you can count on us for accuracy & technical knowledge when it matters most.

By choosing us you’ll tap into unparalleled expertise in supply and installation of copper roofing. Our installations are often carried out with little or no disruption to building occupants. Our friendly and reliable staff makes dealing with us a pleasure, and what is more, we offer competitive pricing. All this ensures that you’ll get the quality results you’re after. We will live up to our promise of high quality: beautifully installed roofing that look absolutely impressive.

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